General Resources

One of the most popular and comprehensive sources for legal information on the web, FindLaw is organized hierarchically, similar to Yahoo. An excellent starting point for legal research on the Internet.

WashLaw WEB
A straightforward megalaw site maintained by Washburn University School of Law. Don’t let the simplicity of the opening table fool you; if its law and it’s on the web, it’s probably here.

Legislative information on the Internet provided by the U.S. Congress. Thomas is the first stop for up-to-date information on federal legislation, the Congressional Record, and Congressional Committees, as well as related links and historical documents.

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
General information on alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, and detailed programs for the implementation of ADR in various industries.

GPO Access
Searchable Government Printing Office databases, including the Congressional Record, other Congressional documents, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, the United States Budget, Public Laws, the United States Code, and other federal publications.